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< BR>There are diferent kinds of "Hauntings". There are hauntings of buildings which seem to be associated with the building itself.If the building is torn down the haunting stops.Then there are hauntings of the property, these kinds of hauntings will occur no matter what is built on the property,and transfer themselves from one building to the next and so on,as long as it is on the property.Then there are hauntings of people.For some reason the spirit feels a conection to a certain person and may follow the person no matter where they go.Poltergiest activity seems to happen in places where there are adolesents just reaching puberty. Some researchers believe that Poltergiests feed off of the energy of these children,or even that the children manipulate the signs of the hauntings through the Poltergiest unconsiously. Hauntings may be brief, or over an extended length of time.They can be linked in some instances to an aniversary of an incident,but may also be a familar place to the spirit and the haunting may last numerous years.Spirits are as different as people are and the science and study of spirits is not exact. There is NO cut and dried answer for hauntings.

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I'm not sure that I completely understand this theory. But some researchers believe that a place can be imprinted with a incident that for some unknown reason keeps replaying itself over and over like a movie. I am not sure that I agree with this theory, If the residual of the imprint is causing the replay, Then why don't more houses have these residuals replaying all the time? I believe this is another way to dispute the validity of the ghosts or spirits themselves.

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I truly believe that we are conditioned at a very early age NOT to see ghosts or spirits. We are encouraged NOT to have invisible playmates. Some children who have not had this conditioning do (I believe), see spirits. This may depend on thier psychic abilities or thier rationalization skills. Photos pick up the images or energy of ghosts even when our minds tell us there is nothing there.For that reason researchers are using cameras more and more. Even when your eyes tell you nothing is there the camera is picking up the appearance of a spirit. For that reason there are more photos of ghosts than ever before. If a beginner wants to start learning about ghosts,the camera is the best way to start. Find what you think is a haunted place and take pictures, Lots of them! Also listen to your own senses, like when the hairs stand up on the back of your neck! I think you will be surprised what you find in your pictures!See my ghost picture!

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