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Another Realm in Moyock NC.
By Ro Diggum

 Note: This was posted in our ghost group by Ro. He graciously gave me permission to post his story here for you to read...Thank you Ro!

Mm kay, Ro knows he hasn't posted anything in like forever, but this just happened and he thought you'd enjoy hearin about it. Check it out, Ro lives in Chesapeake, VA which is like 15 minutes away from the NC state line. The main road that goes to the outer banks of NC is right behind Ro's house and Ro is always bouncin between NC and VA. Now ish done got weird as hell. Ro was comin through Moyock, NC which is nothing but a few trailors and a rail road crossing. The rest is trees and shacks that have been there since like forever. It was like 2:30 AM and Ro was drivin his souped out ghetto hoopty 88' Accord in pass out mode. These lights in the woods caught Ro's eye. They were like lazer pens shining through the trees. Ro wouldn't have thought a damn thing of it but there were so many of em, like 6 atleast and they were in a perect line. At first Ro just assumed it was a couple of cars, y'know, like the tail lights or something. Whatever Ro thought it was at the time, it got him interested and he turned of the main road and tried to follow the lights. You'd think Ro would've watched enough b-movie horror trash to know 1) don't turn off the main road at night in the woods and 2) don't go into the light. Anyway, Ro ran outta road before he realized the lights weren't stationary. They were moving all over the place and they were all in a perect line. Multiple red lights moving all through the woods. Ro don't know why he picked now to be scared. What else was he drivin through here to find? Ro threw the Hoopty Deville in reverse and made the quickest three point turn in the damn free world and hauled ass off that country ass road back to the freeway. Then Ro started to notice stuff. All the crap he had seen, parked cars, trailors, clotheslines, erydamnthing was gone. Nothin but trees and road. Even the damn streetlights were gone. Ro just kept the pedal down and thought, "Here we go. You coulda been home by now but no, you gotta be on some Jonny Quest trip chasin lights and you don't have that lil arab dude to bail your ass out." Then Ro noticed that the lights in his rearview. Not just a reflection of the lights, cuz he didn't see them in his side view, they were in the car and on his rearview. Ro was scared as hell and sweatin like a ho in church. He turned on the a/c and cussed when only hot air came through the vent. He was bout to roll down the window, but then he was like screw that, these damn red light lazer backwoods demon bastards are already in here, Ro's not lettin anything else in. Then the freakiest damn thing in the world happened. Ro was still speeding down the road that seemed a whole hell of alot shorter comin down that it did goin back to the freeway, when somebody said, "Slow down, there's a ditch up here." in a male, rasta accent. Ro was like, thas it, Ro's gone off the blicker. So Ro thought, "Screw it, if Ro's already insane, why not talk back to the amn thing. And what the hell is a rasta doin in Redneck Hell, NC anyway?" So, Ro asked him, "Are you in Ro's head?" "No, man," he answered in the rasta voice, "I'm right beside you. Now slow down, I mean it, a lotta people met their end on this curve." So Ro took the ghosty advise, slowed down and thought, "Well, if it's not in Ro's head he's not insane. Maybe Ro's asleep." "No, you're not asleep kid, just keep headed toward the main road and do what I tell you." "Hey!," Ro yelled. "You wait till Ro verbalizes it to respond to it. What the hell is a rasta doin in NC anyway and why did you call Ro back there?" "I didn't call you back there, What got your attention was something alot worse than your run of the mill earthbound spirit. That was evil boy. That was hatred. That back there is what I will spend forever saving people like you from." "Is that what killed you?" "No, they can't kill you. But they can bend the rules, that's why I need you to do what I say because you don't have much time. Are you listening to me son?" "Word." "Okay, what you see now, it's not your world. This is what they put here for you to see. Right now, you're all over the road, you probably killed a dog or something and you're barely missing other cars. Were there alot of cars in the main road when you turned onto this one?" "No, it was 2:30 AM, I haven't seen another car in hours." "Okay good, now this ditch and this curve coming up, they're not their either. It's a distraction at the end of thier realm that will put you into oncoming traffic once you cross back over. Think hard about the way you came in, think about the road you turned off of. Take it slow and stay to the right. Now comes the hard part." "Oh good! There's a hard part besides ghosts, demons and the fact that I'm going to wreck?!" "Yes, now you must decide if I am telling the truth or if I am one of them." With that Ro came to the curve, the lights were shining from the woods again and Ro didn't feel Rasta McGhosty anymore. Ro hung the left, came up to the ditch, looked at the lights, bit his lip, cussed and drove over the ditch and pulled to the right in enough time to see some guy in a truck that wasn't there earlier flip him off for pulling out in front of him. Ro did about 85 the rest of the wahome, ran inside and took a shower. Haven't been back through that stretch of road yet. Ro got bored and did a lil bit of research. Turns out Moyock, NC is home to alot of sick cults. Blood letting, animal sacrifices, crap like that. Didn't find anything about the rasta though. The fact that he was rasta probably freaked Ro out more than the fact that he was a voice with no physical being and Ro had just riven through a vortex. Freaky huh? Missed you guys. Peace, love, shrooms. Ro