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Ghost and Poltergeist Information

Copyrighted Sept.10 1999 By Judith Cook

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Spirit or ghost hauntings are taking place now more than ever before in history.
Ghosts or Spirits(as I like to call them) are people who have died and no longer have physical bodies in this world.The energy of their soul or spirit is what I believe are most commonly called Ghosts. They are either trapped here in the physical world as we know it because they do not realize they are dead or they are afraid to move on.I do believe that once a soul has learned the reality of their conscious state they are free to move between worlds and visit loved ones at will.Some even come in dreams to deliver messages to the living. The dream state is when the conscious mind is totally relaxed and is more susceptible to receiving the message.Some spirits feel like they have unfinished business. Maybe a tragedy or injustice had been the cause of their death and they want someone to know the truth! And last there are the spirits who I believe cherished life so much that they just can't bear to leave the physical world.They just stay behind and haunt familar places.


There have been stories about ghosts or spirits since the dawn of time. Sighting's of these spectres, have through the centuries, had their periods of acceptance and have at times, been grounds for insanity and banishment from society.In Scotland, locals have told stories of hauntings for hundreds of years and the people accept the stories and sightings as part of everyday life. I think Britain is coming around about the possibilities of hauntings being real. The United States, with the help of The New Age Movement is starting to be more open minded about the possibilities that there might be something more to the phenomenon than the ramblings of the feeble minded.This mindset has been a long time in coming. In the late 1800's and early 1900's there was a movement known as "Spiritualism" which focused on the contact of spirits and ghosts. Although most considered this a parlor game, there were a significant number of followers who took it very seriously. Spiritualism seemed to fade with the great depression of the 20's. Whether it was that people could no longer afford to use their time to contact the dead or that the movement lost its appeal is not known for sure.The resurgence of the interest in the paranormal now might be a sign of the prosperity in our nation or an indication that our curiosity has opened our minds to possibilities that there are still phenomenon that even the most brilliant scientists can not explain!


POLTERGEIST.....These entites you usually do not see, seem to have the capability of moving objects either though thin air or taking the objects with them for periods of time to materialize later.They are almost always mischievous but can sometimes be dangerous.Poltergiests are attention getters.Poltergiest's have been known to throw objects through the air,open and slam doors and cubbords,move objects around the room,turn on and off appliances,and leave water running in sinks and tubs. According to a lot of researchers Poltergeist's almost always appear where there is an adolescent present. The theory is that somehow either the poltergeist feeds off of the high psychic energy of children just reaching puberty,or the adolescent some how channels their energy through the poltergeist subconsciously, in order to manifest the hauntings.

SPECTRAL GHOSTS.....These are the spooks that you can visually see either looking as real as you and I or seeming see through.These spirits can also be seen as a white almost shapeless mist.They almost never seem aware of the living. They go about their business in an almost routine matter.They also seem to only materialize when there is absolute calm and quiet.These kinds of spirits are more rare in my opinion.They do not look like 'casper'. Some just look like a haze or light mist,some actually have a shape.Some of these spectres look as real as you and I.

AUDIO GHOSTS.....These spirits are capable of making sounds of all kinds.Some of the more boisterous ones rattle chains and howl and scream.Some talk out loud as if trying to get a message across to the living world. Some cry or moan. These may be faint sounds seeming to come from nowhere or ear deafening sounds that seem to echo from everywhere at once. These are some of the most interesting cases to me. I encountered one of these who was capable of actually vibrating pictures on the walls with the sounds it made. Window panes also rattled by the sheer sound! Amazingly enough, some phenomenon can only be heard by sophisticated recording devices.

NOTE.....I believe that it is a very rare instance that a spirit possesses more than one of these traits. Maybe as in life, people usually are given special gifts or talents, somehow in death, they are more talented at one of the kinds of communication.

ORBS.....Orbs are balls of energy that fly through the air at sometimes amazing speed and sometimes slowly enough for people to see them with the naked eye.Orbs are photographed more and more all the time. Before understanding that orbs were entities they were mistaken for camera anomolies often.Orbs are often the cause of swirled streaking in photographs.

DEMONS..... Demons might be confused with ghosts but are NOT! These are evil entities which have never been human but instead are sent to earth by Satan to torture and torment humans. Demons are some of the most dangerous kinds of entities! They are here to open a doorway to hell.Demons can use very deceptive practices to gain trust and to lure humans into Satan's domain. Demons have what I consider unlimited power and are pure evil! These entities can present themselves in human form but more often present themselves as some hideous distortion of humans. Demons often present themselves as some kind of horrifying beast.Be VERY afraid of these entities!!!They can do great physical harm to you and your family.DO NOT take these entities lightly!!!

ANGELS.....These are souls of humans that have reached their soul's maturity and have learned all of the life lesson levels. They are a oneness with all, Angels are assigned to EVERY human to help them achieve the learning of the life lesson that they are here to learn this time.Every human has an angel!! Angel's mostly guide humans down the path necessary to learn a particular life lesson. They may be very subtle or pronounced in their guidance. All "Angel's" are sent from what most humans know as "heaven".

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